40 at 40

Shortly before my 40th birthday back in July I saw a post on someone's blog that was called "45 at 45" - a listing of 45 things that this person wanted to accomplish during that year of her life.  I thought it was a great idea and topic for a mini scrapbook, so I created my own "40 at 40" list and pre-fabbed a book to complete as the year progresses.  Here's the list and my progress thus far!

Forty at Forty

“To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”  Anatole France



1.       Hit and Maintain goal weight

2.       Participate in a Run Disney event

3.       Run 850 miles over the course of the year (avg. 71 miles per month)
              July - 45 (45)
             August - 59 (104)
             September - 88 (192)
             October - 53 (245)
             November - 42 (287)

4.       Complete eight 5k or 10k events

5.       Run a 5k in less than 30 minutes

6.       Try a Crossfit or Zumba class

7.       Have a spa day

8.       Attend Gazelle’s Good Form Running clinic

9.       Make plans for a second Run Disney event

10.   Get involved in the Kalamazoo Area Runners
         All signed up for the KAR's Above and Beyond Half Marathon training program to officially begin January 5, 2013 in preparation for the Kalamazoo Half Marathon on May 5th.


Get Creative

11.    Create an album using Adobe Photoshop

12.   Complete 2010-2011 scrapbook layouts

13.   Make 20 handmade cards for a nursing home

14.   Make 20 handmade cards for the military

15.   Take journaling class and keep up!



16.    Go on a scrapbook retreat
            Went to The Maple Tree in with Lisa Pohl and Tonja Hinkston the first weekend in November 2012 and had a marvelous time!

17.   Tell 40 people “I Love You” in some way

18.   Host a party for grownups

19.   Schedule 6 – 8 “date nights” with friends

20.   Schedule a social event with Matt’s high school friends


Home Front

21.    Pay off Credit Union debt

22.   Purge 40 boxes/bags of stuff

23.   Read 5 books that I have in the house but haven’t read – Non Fiction!

24.   Try 40 new recipes



25.    Plan a cruise or Adventures By Disney tour for 2014

26.   Create the travel bucket list

27.   Revisit Troy with the kids

28.   Plan a family road trip for 2013 – see new states!

29.   Take kids to the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago



30.   Do something special with Gabe

31.   Do something special with Maggie

32.   B&B weekend with Matt

33.   Schedule monthly date night with Matt

34.   Take kids to an Albion football game

35.   Start golfing as a family

36.   Go to a concert

37.   Go to a musical



38.    Attend a Bible Study

39.   Increase church giving by at least $15/month

40.   Attend an Emmaus Walk or similar event.